About us

The Merchant co-operative bank provides high stared banking saving accounts and loans. We have worked hard ever since to provided high street our customers with a viable alternative to our larger competitors. We provides ourselves on our customer service and customers satisfaction levels, and we are always looking to put our customers at the heart what we do. We are also committed to leading the way on ethical environmental and community matters. The co-operative merchant bank has a unique ethical policy setting out the way we do business which we are development in full consultation with our customers This section of our official website contains more details about our history, our purpose and the awards we’re won you can also find out more about how our business is run and information about our financial results.


To be the cooperative provider choice for energy and services to it is members.


As a cooperative organizations responsible to its members , provide reliable and competitivdy priced energy and services, Consistent with the wise use of resources. We will work to enhance the economic and social well being of the region value to our members.


Our members are the reason for our existence we willstrive to provide serrices that exceed their expectation. Our core values indude accountability to community. We will be good stewards of the business environment. Our employees are vitalto our success we will provide a safe work Environment and will encourage open communication and mutual respect.


Display concern and respect for the ideas of nonviolent heroism, humanitarianism and courage


Recognize and appreciate the many opportunities that arise everyday to make a positive difference in someone else is life the integrate in to your lifestyle acting upon such opportunities.


When we look at the history of banking approximately 57 years ago it is very difficult to get finance from banks not only in Colombo but the others parts of the island for common man or a small induct realist or a small merchant for their true needs.

In that day bank policy was to collection of deposit from small people and rural Ares and distributors these adiposity as a loan to specific industries as loan a to collect more forfeits from in the name of secured banking. So the actual nakedly people are not getting the benefits of banking from such policy.

To break this traditions, some prominent and hard working social activates came together to more such barcodes between a common and needy people and the bank. In the new edge of technology, there are vast customer’s services options to provide belter banking concept is not only limited for the cosmopolitan Cities but is started on the rural areas too. So reach more and more customers and provide them the fasters way to service. The bank moves towards the core Banking so Latinos.

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